CoolVu Transitional Window Films

A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver is proud to be Colorado’s first and only window film dealer authorized to sell this amazing “smart window film” technology.


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CoolVu Transitional Window Film adapts to the intensity of sunlight on your window and door glass. It transitions from clear to a 40% tint after 30 seconds of direct sunlight. This allows you to have clear windows when wanted and tinted window when needed.

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How is CoolVu Unique?

Traditional window films are static, in that they consistently perform to the same specifications regardless of lighting conditions. CoolVu Transitional Window Film is dynamic. It automatically adjusts to your environment. CoolVu utilizes a patented photochromic molecular interlayer that activates when exposed to ultraviolet radiation at 395 nanometers. On cloudy or at night when there’s no ultraviolet radiation the film remains clear to preserve your views.

Why Install CoolVu Transitional Window Film?

  • Preserve-CoolVu blocks 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation, helping preserve furniture, draperies, hardwoods and family heirlooms by reducing premature fading.
  • Conserve-By blocking over 80% of the sun’s infrared heat energy transmitting through glass, CoolVu lower cooling costs, conserving energy while saving you money.
  • Prevent-By reducing the sun’s intense glare, CoolVu improves interior comfort by preventing eye strain and excessive glare related light pollution.
  • Protect-By maximizing the amount of natural light coming through your windows and doors, CoolVu helps reduce the need for artificial interior light.
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I don’t think anyone can beat the commercial window tinting services that A Solar Solution provides for Denver. Incredible work, the window tints I have gotten for my business are spot on! Great business, one I’m happy to work with again in the future.
Nicholas Bennett