Glass Scratch and Acid Graffiti Removal

Acid Graffiti is unsightly and deters business. A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver has a proprietary acid graffiti removal system for glass. Once the damage is removed, we then install our anti-graffiti film to protect the glass from future acid tagging.


The Challenge:

The path to stopping scratched glass starts with a good general contractor and the choices and decisions every general contractor makes when selecting material suppliers and subcontractors for their projects. Selecting only quality window suppliers and competent subcontractors will have a direct effect on the resulting quality of any house or building. Most scratched glass is related to the following areas.

Commercial window with graffiti
After image of window that had graffiti removed

Window Protection:

The best solution for any problem is prevention. The general contractor and all subcontractors have a responsibility to insure all windows are protected during the entire construction process with a quality window protection system. This will help prevent harmful construction debris, such as paint, texture, plaster, welding splatter and concrete from coming into contact with the glass surface. The more construction debris that is present on the glass, the higher the possibility of scratching when that glass is cleaned. Protecting windows during all phases of construction must be implemented and enforced if scratched glass is to be reduced or eliminated.

Window Cleaning:

The selection of a skilled window cleaner is a vital step in the prevention of scratched glass. It is important that the general contractor understands that this is a very specialized type of window cleaning. Construction window cleaning should never be attempted by anyone who is not qualified or specifically trained to safely remove construction debris from glass. Often plasterers, painters, and other tradesmen unsuccessfully attempt to fill this role.

Brighter image of windows with graffiti
After image of windows after graffiti removal

Glass Quality:

All builders should know the difference between high and low quality tempered glass so they can make an educated decision about what is used in the windows installed on their projects. It is frequently encountered in the field, and has been repeatedly confirmed by experts, that some tempered glass will scratch during normal construction window cleaning. This scratching is a direct result of fabricating debris which was not properly removed from the glass surface prior to the tempering process. As a result, these particles are detached during normal construction window cleaning and cause major scratching, usually over the entire glass surface. During the past several years, defective tempered glass has been the leading cause in most cases of excessively scratched glass. The general contractor has a responsibility to select quality window manufacturers that will stand behind their products, if and when scratched glass problems arise.


A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver has a proprietary acid graffiti removal system for glass.

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I own a local Denver restaurant on Broadway. We got tagged with acid graffiti on all of our windows. Glass replacement was upwards of $10,000, which we simply couldn’t afford. The graffiti was hurting our business so I called A Solar Solution. They were able to remove the graffiti and install a film to protect against future attacks at a cost that was a fraction of the cost of glass replacement. I simply can’t say enough about their quality of workmanship and level of professionalism.
Ray Wolf