We’re sure you’ve heard that there are many environmental benefits to having an energy efficient commercial space, but did you know there are tangible and intangible economic benefits as well? A Solar Solution has been helping Denver businesses not only save money but also become more profitable by installing our full line of Eastman window films.

One of the benefits of becoming a green building is a reduction in maintenance and operation costs. According to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, LEED buildings cost 19 percent less to operate. Of course, the most benefits are gained when sustainability is incorporated into every aspect of the building. However, you can make a huge impact just by installing Vista Enerlogic Low-e window films that will keep your office energy efficient year-round.

Another major benefit is employee satisfaction, which we all know helps the bottom line. A 2012 study by the University of Notre Dame examined the revenue growth of more than 500 PNC branches–the majority of which were non-LEED buildings. They found that “employees who work in LEED-certified branches are more productive and engaged in their work.” This means fewer sick days, less turnaround, and more pride in the workplace. In fact, they determined that the LEED branches gained $460,000 more per employee.

So while we can boast about the ROI for many of our products, it’s a better approach to think about the long-term effects of having more energy efficient commercial spaces. Not only are people more comfortable in your building, increasing productivity and customer retention, you’re reducing operation costs, which leads to greater profits.

So stop worrying about the cost of our Llumar architectural films and start worrying about the benefits you’ll be missing out on if you don’t make the investment. Call us today at 303-567-2834 or email us at info@asolarsolution.com for your free estimate.