A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver is the leading home window tinting provider in the Littleton, Colorado area. We carry Eastman Chemicals LLumar and Vista lines of residential window tinting products and guarantee you the best product available for your Littleton home.

Eastman Chemicals is the world’s largest window film manufacturer and is widely recognized as providers of the very best window tint available. These films come in a variety of shades, from clear to tinted.

One of our favorite products to work with is the Vista VE-35 Ambiance. This film has a quick return on investment. See our Rocky Mountain High Case Study. The Vista VE-35 reduces summer heat load by 72%, while holding 45% of your heat inside during the cold, winter months. This is an all-season film built for colder climates. It’s like installing new, high-performance low-e windows at a fraction of the cost. To see the complete specifications of our VE-35 Ambiance click here.

We also offer clear home window films that cannot be detected by the human eye. These are great for customers wanting museum quality UV protection and not glare or heat control. Since we’re a mile high, our UV damage happens much faster than customers living at sea level. UV damage increases by 5% for every 1,000 feet above sea level that your home is located.

If your room is too bright our LLumar and Vista Dual Reflective Series offers more choices than any other window film manufacturer. We can fine tune your home to meet your desired light levels. Reducing glare inside the home enhances your view by eliminating harsh, white light. This reduces eye strain and will allow you to see your computer and television screens much better.

The optical clarity of LLumar and Vista home window tints far exceeds that of any other manufacturer. Eastman used to manufacture Kodak film many years ago. If anyone knows how to enhance your view and make it more vivid with film, it’s Eastman!

We offer free in-home consultations. Simply complete our Contact Form on our website or call us at 303-567-2834.