A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver is Colorado’s leading Commercial and Residential Window provider. Since 1986, we have been helping clients choose the right window film for their project and installing film with expert precision.

Selecting the right window film can be a challenge, as there are many manufacturer’s and what feels like an endless selection of film. The first thing consumers should do is narrow down exactly what they are trying to achieve. In many cases, excessive heat is the main concern. With that said though, you may find that certain areas of your home or building are much hotter than others, while in other areas you enjoy the heat coming through the glass. In this scenario, a Low-e window film, such as Vista’s VE-35 or Vista’s VE-50 might be the best choice as they help prevent heat from coming in during the warmer months, while retaining interior heat is cold weather months. There are other considerations too. In residential applications, homeowners may prefer a clear window film over one that is darker or more reflective. Speaking of reflectivity, some products have higher interior or exterior reflectivity than others. What this means is that with interior reflectivity, at nighttime when the lights are on in your home or office you may see your own reflection in the glass. This mirroring effect is undesirable to some people. The same thing can happen if the exterior reflectivity is high. For a residential application, the HOA may not like it. In a commercial application, however it may be exactly what you need to knock out the most heat.

Window film is used for many other applications as well. In commercial settings in areas where vandalism rates are high, A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver frequently installs Safety/Security film and anti-graffiti window film. Our LLumar Safety & Security films are thin, clear and hardly detectable. They are an excellent choice for helping safeguard the people and possessions you value most against break-in’s, vandalism, accidents and nature’s unpredictable behaviors. They are available in a variety of thicknesses from 4Mil to 11Mil.

Our LLumar Anti-Graffiti film is installed on the exterior side of glass, where it provides a protective barrier against acts of vandalism involving inappropriate gang symbols, using etching tools, acid, paint and permanent markers. The benefit to this film is that it eliminates the need to replace the glass itself when its tagged. Only the film itself needs replacement. The cost savings to this it enormous!

Another popular window film for homes and commercial buildings is our decorative line. Homeowners looking for privacy in their bathrooms often choose to install frosted window film across their entire glass shower wall or they can choose to do a “privacy band” to obscure a portion of it for added privacy. In office settings, frosted or patterned films are frequently used in large bands to add privacy. The options are endless. A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver has a particularly useful tool on out website called “LLumar Film Viewer”, which allows you to better visualize how various decorative product might look. Check it out. You’ll be amazed at the options available to you!

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