Have you been considering adding live plants to your workspace? Good, you should be. Not only do plants liven up an office, there are also incredible benefits associated with work plants. Here are some of the reasons, along with tips on how to keep it healthy.

Have cleaner air. This is probably the most important benefit, as it directly or indirectly informs the other ones. Fresh oxygen isn’t generally a big issue in most offices. However, too much carbon dioxide in any space is not great for the human circulatory system, and the systems pumping air throughout the building can carry all sorts of bacteria, mold, and toxins in the air. Excess amounts of these can cause symptoms like headaches, runny nose, coughing, and a sore throat, as well increase allergies and asthma. If you notice your employees feeling unwell throughout the day, it’s probably because of your quality of air. A ratio of one plant per three employees will help regulate CO2 levels, as well as remove excess amounts of bacteria, mold, and toxins, making everyone feel healthier.

You can increase productivity. On top of your employees breathing easier, that extra clean air will help stimulate productivity. According to Ciphr, cognitive tasks, concentration, and focus improvements are associated with having plants in the workplace. Those lead to fewer mistakes being made, tasks being completed faster, and productivity rising 6 percent.

Help reduce your workers’ stress. Poor air quality can contribute to negative mood states that increase stress levels, which can cause serious illness. However, according to the University of Technology Sydney, adding an indoor plant can reduce tension and anxiety in the workplace by up to 37 percent.

Decrease sick days and absences. Are you noticing an increase in the number of sick days your employees are taking? It might have something to do with the lack of living plants in your office. According to Ciphr, having plants “has been reported to reduce absenteeism by up to 50%, and reduce minor illness by 30%.” Because absences cost money, adding plants is a win-win.

Make your office a better environment to work in. Many factors influence employee satisfaction, but what if you could make a significant difference with a small gesture. According to UTS, the presence of plants reduces feelings of anger by 44 percent. Employees are more comfortable and clients feel more welcomed being near plants.photo-1508108786950-a24a38884504

Increase the creativity and concentration of your employees. Bare and stark workplaces are almost death knells for creativity and performance. Even if you want a minimalist space, adding a plant to an employee’s line of sight can help them psychologically engage with their environment, helping them work better and be happier. Not only does creativity increase, studies show that accuracy and memory retention also improve by up to twenty percent.

Help your employees look and feel healthier. According to PHS Greenleaf, plants can increase humidity in the office, leading to a reduction of dry skin and improving comfort. Also, according to a study from Oslo, Norway, plants can help reduce fatigue by 20 percent and headaches by 45 percent.

Help reduce the noise in your office. Not only do plants do an amazing job of cleaning your air, they also absorb, deflect, and refract sound.


So you’re ready to introduce plants to your workspace, but how do you make sure they don’t die right away? It usually depends on what kind of plant you get. Some like a lot of water while others do better getting watered only twice a week. Light is also a major factor. You can find a list of low-maintenance plant options here.

One way to ensure your plants stay healthy? Add a window film to your building’s windows to protect your shade-loving plants throughout the day. Learn more about Solar film for your Colorado business here and call us today to make an appointment.