Home Window Tinting is exploding in popularity around Denver but why is that? With 300 days of sunshine, it’s important to have the necessary temperature regulations in place during drastic shifts in weather. In Colorado, it can snow or rain heavily in the morning only to clear up with the sunshine in the evening. Tinting your home windows is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your windows completely. We’ve outlined all the top reasons to tint your home windows below.

Temperature Control

Window tints reflect light which will keep your home cooler. Sunlight can also heat your furniture. All of that combined can make whichever room the sunlight hits hotter than if you didn’t have home window tinting. It can keep your home cooler during the summer months saving you hundreds if not thousands on your monthly energy bill.

Preserve your Furniture

Speaking of furniture, the sunlight can damage the fabric over time. Home window tints can block incoming UV light helping you preserve it. Furniture is supposed to last and home window tinting can ensure that it does. There is nothing more annoying than seeing discolored fabric on your favorite sofa, living room set or bed.


If applied correctly, home window tint can keep your home more private than if it was without. You won’t have to close your drapes as much and rely on unnatural sources of light.

Lower energy bills

Windows play a big part in regulating heat and energy in your home. A third of a home’s utility bills are wasted on the excess heat in the summer and heat loss in the winter. With the right home window tint, you can drastically lower heating and cooling expenses by reducing solar heat. Glare will also be significantly reduced so you can leave your blinds, shades, or drapes open and enjoy the sun.

Protect your family

In unforeseen storms, debris can shatter your windows without any kind of warning. This can create a dangerous situation with shards of glass flying everywhere which could potentially harm your family and damage your home. Home window tinting will prevent your windows from shattering during these seemingly random events.

Avoid outright window replacement

Because your windows play an integral part in regulating temperature, most people think the solution is to swap them out. This can get expensive and quickly add to your yearly home maintenance costs. Instead, you can tint your home windows and start saving money right away. A professional home window tint installation is a 5th of the cost of replacing your windows.

If you have any questions about home window tinting, give us a call! We carry a wide range of the best window tinting products for any window type including  Eastman Chemicals Vista EliteLLumarSolar GardHeat Shield Nano Ceramic, 3M FASARAJohnson Window Films, and Solyx Decorative Films.