A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver was awarded a prestigious contract to protect our military’s elite fighter pilots. This aviation training facility houses our nation’s top gun military students. Due to increased security concerns, the facility contacted us looking for protection solutions. Glass is considered a primary terrorist’s assistant for creating large scale damage. Every square foot of unprotected annealed glazing has approximately 200 lethal glass shards. We installed LLumar 8 mil R-20 Safety and Security film anchored to the framing system. The LLumar 8 mil R-20 is a tinted version of film that not only protects the occupants from a bomb blast, but it also has amazing heat and glare rejection characteristics. The film blocks 79% of the sun’s heat and provides 82% glare reduction. This helps the students view the flight simulators with amazing clarity. The energy saving benefits will reduce the building’s carbon footprint by saving on their cooling costs. This translates into approximately a 30%-50% savings on their energy bills. The glazing silicone used was Dow Corning 995 Structural Adhesive. It must be taped and tooled to generate a minimum of ½” bead. This type of application provides a GSA Level 2 Protection Rating. A 4 PSI blast from a standoff of 198 feet could be catastrophic to human life. Installing our 8 mil. LLumar Safety and Security film in combination with Dow Corning 995 Structural Silicone will  prevent glass from going any further than the window framing system, thus providing maximum protection for the building’s occupants.

A Solar Solution was selected for this project based upon our extensive experience with this type of application. Past projects include 17 buildings at Buckley Air Force Base. This was Colorado’s largest bomb-blast mitigation project to date. We also provided this film at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) as well as numerous banks, jewelry stores, coin shops and medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.