Let’s be honest – plain glass is boring and cold. If you’re interested in adding some decorative elements around your Denver commercial building, consider adding decorative window film instead of etched glass. There a number of reasons film is a better choice than etching. Here are a few reasons and resources for you to get started with your project.


The main advantage of choosing decorative window film over etched glass is how much money you’ll save. Etched glass involves a labor-intensive process of etching, cutting, sandblasting, or texturizing, which includes expensive chemicals, materials, shipping, and installation. Not mention that once you choose your design, there’s no way to change it without additional cost. It’s also very expensive to replace should it ever break.

Meanwhile, decorative window film is a much smarter investment. Not only do labor, materials, and installation cost a fraction of what etched glass does, it’s much cheaper to ship. It’s also much easier to replace if anything ever happens to the glass.


While etched glass may not seem like it, it actually takes a lot of effort to keep it clean. Special cleaners and cloth are needed to keep it clear of fingerprints, grease, and dust, as are gloves while you’re cleaning it.

Conversely, commercial cleaners are perfectly safe on decorative window film. And they are less susceptible to fingerprints, grease, and dust than both etched glass and plain glass.


Unlike etched glass, decorative film can be replaced as often as you need it to without ruining the glass. So if you get a new tenant or are ready for a redesign, you don’t need to replace the glass, just the film. You also get a range of options to choose from, including colors, patterns, opacity, and texture – not to mention your custom choices if you have a logo you’d like included. Your control over the final product makes the design process so much easier.

Decorative window film Denver

A view of decorative window film

Etched glass is permanent, which means you have to replace every pane of glass if you want to change the design or return to plain glass. You’re also fairly limited on what you can get from etched glass because it requires an artist who knows how to do everything you need.

Design and Installation Time

With decorative window film, you get a relatively short turnaround between when you choose your design and when it gets installed. You can also usually have the entire installation completed quietly and within one day.

Compare this to etched glass that can take months to produce and can be disruptive of your workday.

Choosing Your Decorative Window Film

Also unlike etched glass, you get an impressive number of option for which company and film you choose. At A Solar Solutions, we carry both 3M Fasara Glass and Whiteboard options, and Llumar Decorative Window Films. Because we allow for a choice of companies, you get to choose the perfect product and design for you.

You can also see more benefits of using decorative window film here.

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