A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver installs Eastman Chemicals Vista VE-35 on the Blue-Sky Café in Golden, CO. We installed this film on over 325 sq. ft. of glass to make it more comfortable for people eating their breakfast. Since this is a 35% film customers can still see the neon signs from the outside and the Café does not look closed like other darer films do. The VE-35 blocks 72% of the sun’s heat and comes with a commercial 15-year warranty from Eastman.

The VE-35 is an all-season film so the Blue-Sky Café will save money all year long on their energy bills and the customers will be much more comfortable when the eastern summer sun hits the glass. The Blue-Sky Café has reduced their carbon footprint by going green with Vista window film. Window film is the most cost-effective way to reduce your bottom line. Call today for a free quote on Commercial window tinting in Golden, CO. 303-567-2834