A homeowner in Littleton’s Ken Caryl Valley recently purchased new, top of the line windows for her luxury home. Her previous home windows were much smaller and didn’t let in near as much light as the new windows. The two quarter round windows in the picture above cost her over $11,000 installed. The glass she selected was a low-E, high-performance product. Finding window coverings was nearly impossible due to the shape of the glass. Even with this expensive new glass, she was still having major problems with heat load and glare on hot afternoons due to the western exposure. She also didn’t want anything reflective that could potentially change the architectural styling of her home.

A Solar Solution Window Tinting & Films of Denver knew exactly how to address her concerns. We suggested Eastman Chemical’s Vista V-51. This product is amazing! As you can see in the picture, the pane on the right has the V-51. The pane on the left has no film. This product provides a 40% glare reduction and it clearly enhanced her view. It also has a 13% winter heat loss reduction, offering year-round savings. What makes this film so popular is the fact that it’s less reflective than glass itself and blocks 57% of the summer heat. Since the film has zero interior reflectivity, she can still enjoy star gazing at night.

After spending so much on these two windows, she was concerned that her glass warranty would be voided. Eastman Chemicals offers a unique warranty plan called Gold Coverage. This lifetime warranty replaces the existing warranty issued by the window manufacturer verbatim. It’s also transferable to a new owner. Home window tinting in Littleton is a great way to stay cool and reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to be cool this summer give us a shout at 303-567-2834.