Whole Foods-Cherry Creek was experiencing intense glare and heat load issues that were affecting the checkers ability to read the displays on their cash registers. Not only was it causing unnecessary eye strain, but it was also slowing down the check- out lines. A Solar Solution was contacted for a consultation and site survey to determine how to best eliminate their concerns. Access to the interior side of the windows was limited, so we recommended an exterior application. Being a LLumar Select Pro Dealer gives us the opportunity to utilize their Vista Atmosphere Exterior Grade films. The Vista VXA14 ER HPR provides an 89% glare reduction and an 83% heat rejection. The benefits were noticed immediately. This product comes with an 8 Year Exterior Warranty when applied to exterior vertical glazing. If you would like to make your retail establishment more comfortable and experience these amazing benefits for your employees and clientele call us today. 303-567-2834.