Are you concerned about your home’s safety? Of course you are, which is why we’re providing some tips to increase the security of your home. Whether it’s with security window film or a few home improvements, you can start feeling safer in no time.

Protect your windows

As the Washington Post reported, the most common break-in points for home invaders are the main doors and front windows. For that reason, you should strongly consider installing Llumar safety and security window films to strengthen all windows – even the ones on your doors.

Safety and security window film

The Anatomy of a Burglary. Courtesy of The Washington Post

Having reinforced windows will make it more difficult for an invader to break in. If it takes too long for them to get in, they’ll likely get frustrated and change their mind.

For added security, use a metal bar in the bottom track of your sliding windows and doors, or pins for sash windows. You should also make sure you have a strong, Grade 1 deadbolt and replace your locks if you lose your keys.

Extra security measures

Of course, you shouldn’t stop at your windows and doors. Adding extra security measures will ensure extra safety.

First, install an alarm system. As the graphic shows, homes without an alarm are three times more likely to be broken into. If you don’t have the budget for a full system, you can find decals for security systems on eBay. If a thief thinks you have an alarm, they’ll likely turn around. If they hear an alarm, they’ll likely start running.

Next, trim any shrubbery or bushes that impede a clear view from your windows. Don’t give a home invader anywhere to hide. If you have dark areas around your exterior, install motion or infrared detection lights to illuminate them if someone tries to sneak through the dark. You should also make sure your garage or shed and all tools are locked away.

Finally, make it look like there’s always someone home with timers on lights and your televisions. You can buy digital timers that will randomly turn the device on at different times during the day if you go on vacation. Adding a timer to your television is especially helpful because having sound and the flickering lights make it seem like someone is actually home, rather than just having static light.

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